Ameren Contract 7/27/17

Today Ameren Illinois and IBEW System Council U-05 reached a tentative agreement on a 3 year agreement for all contracts and benefits. We believe nothing was left on the table and the Company withdrew proposals that caused us to vote "no" 2 weeks ago. 

All Locals are recommending a "yes" vote. 

The Company withdrew all changes to the rest period language and the 1.8 overtime/elimination of overtime meals and meal periods. 

Agreement was reached to change the provisions for working thru the IP regular lunch period. Under the agreement IP physical employees will work an 8 hour day from 7 am-3pm. If an IP employee does not stop for lunch by 1:30 pm they will be provided 30 minutes of time and one-half. 

The Company agreed to allow Call Center employees to wear denim jeans while at work.  The Company will have the discretion to declare a non-Jean day due to business situations (an example given was when the ICC is doing an audit or if CSR's are sent out of the call center for business).

All contracts were extended until August 31st.  We will send out contract information sometime next week. Voting will likely begin the 2nd week of August. 

Contact your Business Representative if you have questions. 

John Johnson
Business Manager/Financial Secretary
IBEW Local 51