The Local Union received the following letter from Kennth W. Cooper, International Secretary-Treasurer. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It has come to my attention that with increasing frequency, some IBEW "A" members who reach retirement age - or take an early retirement from their local union - stop paying their dues and are subsequently dropped from membership six months thereafter [Article XI, Section 6(a) of the IBEW Constitution].  In some cases, members are unaware of the pension and death benefits available to them from the Pension Benefit Fund (PBF), or mistakenly believe that having reached retirement age for the local union pension plan, are no longer required to pay dues.  As you know, "A" members who9 are dropped from membership forfeit all accrued pension and death benefits from the PBF.  To remain eligible, a member must maintain continuous good standing by paying dues monthly or quarterly until the member is placed on PBF pension.