Ameren Contract information 8/24/17

Brothers & Sisters:

Today the U-05 System Council Business Managers met with Ron Pate and Rita Zindars of Ameren Illinois.

They presented their last, best and final offer which is identical to the tentative agreement that was rejected last week by the membership. They said if this last, best and final offer is rejected they will implement a lesser package on September 19.


We asked the company to extend the contracts until September 30th . The company responded by saying they saw no need to extend the contracts. We explained without a contract the lack of a grievance/arbitration procedure could cause issues. The company agreed to extend the contract until midnight on September 8.

Consequently with the need to complete voting by Friday, September 8 we will be voting at operating centers, at union meetings and at our Local 51 Union Hall over the next two weeks. We need to complete voting by the evening of Thursday, September 7th, with the votes being counted on Friday, September 8th.

Due to the shortage of time we will not be doing an all Ameren membership mailing. We will be posting a schedule of voting times and locations on our website, on Facebook, on bulletin boards in operating centers and will email the letter and voting schedule to our members who we have addresses for.

Stay tuned for more information on the voting schedule which should be released tomorrow Friday, August 25th.

Thank you.

In Solidarity,
John Johnson
Business Manager/Financial Secretary
IBEW Local 51