Ameren Negotiations - Final Package 6/23/17

System Council U-05 and Ameren Illinois Company (AIC) met on Friday, June 23, 2017 to continue bargaining. The Company provided what they referred to as their “final” offer.

SC U-05 countered the final offer with a proposal we would recommend a “yes” vote on by our members. The Company rejected our counter proposal and reiterated their last proposal was the final offer and asked us to vote the offer.

SC U-05 notified the Company that we would vote their final offer and that we would recommend our members reject the proposals by voting “NO”.

We will get the company’s final offer out to all IBEW Local 51 AIC members. At this time, we plan to vote at all July Unit Meetings with Ameren membership.

All SC U-05 collective bargaining agreements and benefits have been extended to August 6, 2017.