Ameren Contract/Benefit Negotiations 6-12-17

Representatives from Ameren Illinois and IBEW System Council U-05 met on Monday June 12th to continue bargaining on new Labor and Benefits Agreements.  The sub-committee on First Responder at CILCO and CIPS met; it appears the Company may have lost interest in moving forward on their First Responder proposal.

As far as the terms, conditions, wages and length of the contracts the Company provided a comprehensive proposal in response to the proposal the System Council provided last week.  It included the benefits package that had been discussed earlier.

Although there are approximately seven (7) tentative agreements on proposals, at this time, the parties are not close to reaching an agreement on the more significant proposals that remain on the table.  There is a CILCO live gas sub-committee meeting on Thursday June 15th.

We are scheduled to meet again on June 19, 23 and 26.