IPH Contract Ratification

The Local 51 members employed by Dynegy IPH at the Duck Creek and Edwards plants ratified a new 5 year Labor Agreement by a more than 2-to-1 margin.  We had a great turnout, with about 90% of the membership turning out to vote.  Thanks to all the members who voted.

The contract is retroactive from July 1, 2015.  The Company informed me that they will begin updating pay rates to reflect the wage increases.

Prior to the annual benefits enrollment period, the Company will conduct meetings at each plant to explain the benefit plans.  A schedule for the meetings has not yet been developed by the Company.

The Local 51 bargaining committee did a great job for the membership.  It is a tough and thankless job. They used logic and reason while making difficult decisions.  When any of you see them please thank them for their service to the membership of Local 51.  The members are Emmanuel Reed, Doug Freres, Gerry Eakle, Troy Hackman, Tony Robertson, Ralph Stone, and Tom Pinkham.

Thanks to all for your support and input during this process.  Keep the faith out there and please work safe.