Dynegy/IPH Contract Negotiations Update

Local 51 and Dynegy/IPH met on Thursday May 7 to continue negotiations.  The Company reviewed our proposals and provided us with feedback on which ones they are willing to discuss.  Included in those were the normal length of contract and any wage increases, both to be discussed at a later meeting.  In total the Company addressed about a dozen of our proposals directly, others they said they are willing to discuss, and they rejected about 35 of our proposals.

We reviewed the Company’s counter proposals and their original proposals.  We provided counters to some of their counters, we said we were willing to discuss about 7 of their proposals, we rejected 5 proposals plus a portion of another. 

We did reach tentative agreement on 7 Company and Union proposals combined.

At our next meeting the Local 51 committee will be reviewing the proposals the Company has rejected.  We expect that discussions between the parties will continue on individual proposals with some give and take occurring.

We are scheduled to meet again on May 19th and 20th.  Thanks for your support and keep the faith out there. 

Your Local 51 Bargaining Committee,

Gerry Eakle, Troy Hackman, Tony Robertson, Emmanual Reed, Doug Freres, Ralph Stone, and Tom Pinkham