Journeyman Lineman Wage:   $48.61

·         Local Book Outlook:  SLOW
·         Book 1 Count:  21
·         Book 2 Count:  23

Operators:  $43.76

·         Local Book Outlook:  SLOW
·         Book 1 Count:  1           
·         Book 2 Count:  12


·         No open orders at this time.

·         Overall things have been slow throughout the summer.  But as we are getting into the fall, things are slowly picking up and we anticipate this will continue over the next few months.    

·         The River-to-River Project is still in the works and only partially completed (300 miles of new 345kV transmission lines interconnecting Missouri, Illinois and Indiana).     

·         With the steady stream of travelers coming to the hall each day we do not anticipate we will get in a position of an open call.


SLOW.  No open orders at this time. 


SLOW.  We have a limited amount of substation work at this time and do not anticipate many additional requests for work


·         Donco took over the meter changing work that was formerly completed by Aclara Smart Grid.  Donco hired the Aclara employees and a large number of new employees from the referral list. 

·         We anticipate the possibility hiring 20 to 40 more and individuals.  Anyone interested should sign up on the OUT OF WORK / REFERRAL LIST for METER CHANGERS.


ON-LINE RESIGN is available to those that have been in the hall within the last year.
Visit IBEW51.ORG under the JOBS TAB.